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Leadership Communication

Understanding Yourself & Others

"Decades of research show that the best leaders and team members are high in emotional and social intelligence skills. These are the competencies that distinguish outstanding performers in the twenty-first century" - Daniel Goleman. 

In this series we will explore Emotional Intelligence (EQ) as a key tenant of excellent leadership and self-management, using the psychometric test DISC to raise self-awareness and increase greater understanding of others. 


Emotional Intelligence

 In this video, we explore what Emotional Intelligence means and how we can develop self-awareness as a way to improve our emotional intelligence. We will look at what psychologists call Stimulus Response Theory to understand how we can remain calm and in control in crisis situations. You are invited to do your own DISC profile by clicking the link below the video. 


Understanding DISC

This workshop aims to raise awareness around strengths and blind spots of our own communication using the tool DISC. DISC is a psychometric test that opens the doorway to understanding ourselves and our communication preferences. DISC supports effective communication allowing you to modify your language and behaviour to manage people in any given environment. .


Tranforming Communication

In this video we explore how each of the DISC profiles interact with each other, how they are similar and how they differ. With this knowledge, we can begin to create greater understanding and appreciation for our differences rather than them being a source of conflict.

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