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Imperial College London

Agents of Change

Six Month Women's Community Leadership Programme 

Worked with Imperial College London, Hammersmith & Fulham Council & local charities to design and deliver a 6-month in-person women's Leadership programme. The project aimed to equip participants to strengthen themselves and their local communities through their community projects. As Journey Facilitator and Coach, I worked with the participants in a group setting and 121, guiding them through the content of the programme and supporting them to connect what they were learning to their own experiences.


Priya Pallan,
Community Specialist, Imperial College London

"We were extremely fortunate to find Jay who was flexible, helped develop the programme content and was also able to provide extensive coaching & pastoral support for participants, some of whom, struggled significantly with the personal reflection aspects of the programme."

Eurydice (Eury) Caldwell.jpg

Eurydice Caldway, Gener&te Dyslexic Friendly Training

"I have reengaged with our mission because of what Jay shared [during this programme]. I would never have got to where I am now, in the time and travelled the distance I seem to have since [being on the programme]. I'm walking away with a much clearer, much more confident concept of what Gener8te id offering and I feel reinvigorated, excited"

Screenshot 2020-11-28 201017.png

Ana Das, AoC Participant

"Working with Jay helped me pin-point how I was holding myself back. [Coaching for me] is an opportunity to explore and pinpoint areas that I was struggling with within a safe space, in a way that is supportive. It’s an opportunity to go within yourself and find the answers and having someone help guide you to find those answers."

Rise Up Women Membership

Rise Up Career Accelerator

Six Week Career Development Programme

Screenshot 2021-11-03 210203.png

Working in partnership with Rise Up Women, I designed and delivered an online programme of content resourcing twenty women leaders and future leaders with the tools they needed to build a better future. The programme aimed to support them with a community that will enable them to Rise and move into powerful action.

Susan Dwyer.jpg

Susan Dwyer, Founder of Rise Up Women

"Working with Jay has been an incredible experience. She is an amazing coach and facilitator who brings such passion and authenticity to her work. We just finished working together on a 6 week career accelerator programme where Jay coached and motivated a group of 20 ambitious women to help them achieve their career goals. She held a safe and inclusive space where she made everyone feel welcome. Her work is the perfect combination of interesting story telling backed up by theory, science and academia. She makes personal development fun and engaging and her sessions are super interactive. I am already excited to collaborate with Jay again, she is a joy to work with and genuinely cares about her students getting results. I couldn't recommend working with Jay enough, whether that be coaching services or thought leadership, she has an incredible ability to relate to her audience and has so much knowledge to share. Thank you Jay for sharing your work with Rise Up."

Mary Gray RUW.jpg

Mary Gray - Marketing Manager- UrbanVolt

"An amazing reflective course that not only reminds us that women can do anything - but also how important it is to support and empower each other. I am confident and cannot wait to bring my new leadership style to the table"

Catherine Drysdale RUW.jpg

Catherine Drysdale, Head of Finance & Transformation at ESW

"I would highly recommend this engaging programme, that provided insight, clarity & action to ensure you map & plan your career path in a way that is most true to you & your values. Jay kept the sessions fun & engaging, straight away I felt like I was taking away tangible & useable tools to allow me develop me & my career. Jay kept the room engaged. I loved her relatable stories & having the perspectives of others in the group was really valuable. Learning to self-coach & coach others was great!"

England & Wales Cricket Board

Team Development Days

Three Day Team Development Days

Image from iOS (11).jpg

Working directly with the CPT (City Programmes Team) and Female Participation and Volunteering Team to design a bespoke three-day team development programme, both virtual and in-person. I worked on three levels, supporting the management team,  the team as a whole and working with individuals, aiming to connect individuals with the wider company purpose and values, improve communication and collaboration across different regions and support individual personal development.

Eleanor Bowe ECB.jpg

Eleanor Bowe, Head of Female Participation & Volunteers England and Wales Cricket Board 

"Jay’s three days with us helped us realign, reconnect and rejoin together as a team – probably properly for the first time ever. I learnt so much about myself, my team – the value it will provide moving forward to ensure our professional and personal development continues in a strong, sustained, mentally healthy and conscious way is invaluable. The pandemic has been so hard on all of us, with changes in shapes of teams and how we work together on a joint purpose whilst not being physically in the same space. Thank you Jay!"

Screenshot 2021-11-03 210203.png

Sabah Hamed, England and Wales Cricket Board 

"The entire three days that we spent together as a team facilitated by Jay were brilliant, we are able to explore; DISC scores, organisational goals, improve my confidence and truly find my inner leader! So grateful for Jay's time and wonderful expertise for the entire duration and for guiding us through this extremely valuable activity - thank you!"

Shruti ECB.jpg

Shruti Saujani, Engagement Lead, England and Wales Cricket Board 

"Jay was very personable and took the time to understand each of the team members. Prior to the session, Jay took time to understand the team and really ensure the training delivered was tailored to the needs of the group. What was great it Jay was able to navigate and pivot the training based on the team morale and mood" Shruti Saujani, Engagement Lead, ECB

NHS Business Services Authority

International Women's Day Workshop

One Hour Virtual Workshop on Thriving amidst Uncertainty

Invited to speak to the NHS Business Services Authority Women’s Network on International Women’s Day 2021, I was tasked with supporting their strategy to develop tools and ways of working to empower all women on their career journeys. I did this by delivering a workshop titled “When Change is the Challenge: The Art and Science to Thrive Amidst Uncertainty”.

NHS Thriving Amidst Uncertainty - Santa.jpg
Untitled design (11).png

Janice Southworth,  
NHS Business Services Authority, NHS

"Jay delivered a session for International Womens Day in 2021 and our women’s network found her very relatable and engaging. Several of our colleagues are now seeking to organise their own Personal Board of Directors!"

Zurich Insurance

Women’s Innovation Network (WIN)

One Hour Workshop on Imposter Syndrome

Screenshot 2022-09-14 194641.png

Working with WIN's organisers, I was brought onboard to support there mission to create equal career development opportunities for women and men, and to create tangible business value by improving gender diversity amongst our senior managers. As part of this, I delivered a practical workshop on understanding imposter syndrome and how to recognise it within yourself and others, sharing tips on how to navigate through any feelings of inadequacy to feel more confident and assured within their careers.


Natasha Kitson, Real Estate Manager - Europe at , Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

"Jay delivered a fantastic session on imposter syndrome for our Women’s Innovation Network. We had lots of great interaction across the event thanks to Jay for creating such a safe space and talking through content that was relatable to all. We all really benefitted from the session and Jay was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend if you are planning a similar event"

Stone Changes

The Navigation Project

Eight-Week Career Development Programme

One of my own projects, I designed and delivered an eight-week career development programme virtually for two cohorts. Offering a weekly group coaching call, eight course modules accessible within a bespoke portal, an online community platform, and guest presenters, the programme was a huge success delivering measurable results to participants.

Screenshot 2021-05-27 101716.png

Stone Changes

The Lead(h)er Basecamp

Monthly Coaching Membership 


Another of my own projects, from 2020 - 2022 I ran an online membership group inspiring lead(h)ers at all levels to pursue their big career ambitions sustainably. Delivering an impactful coaching experience every month, I supported this group in carving a path into leadership, enabling them with the tools to thrive in an ever-changing business environment. The membership included access to a beautiful online portal, new video content and resources available every month and a virtual group coaching session.

Stone Changes

Projects Study Group

Ten-Week Virtual Project Management Study Group

One of my own projects, I facilitated six event professionals through the APM Fundamentals Qualification Syllabus to prepare for the examination for accreditation. Using the APM Fundamentals Study Guide, I designed and delivered presentation content, created recourse packs and recruited expert speakers to support each individual through the content at a pace and style that suited them.

Untitled design (12).png

Louise, Business Analyst
Mary Kay Cosmetics Uk

"Jay has an incredible talent for imparting her knowledge in a down to earth, empathic and exciting way. I find it helpful to categorise people as drains and radiators. Jay is a full on AGA when it comes to the energy she brings to the table. We have worked together on delivering online sessions and more formal online training within The Ops Nest and Jay has become part of our community as the 'go to' person for change management and project management expertise. I would fully recommend her!"

Screenshot 2022-09-15 063341.png

Veronique, Event Logistics


"I knew it was the right decision from the beginning and in fact never doubted it as I had (have) total confidence that Jay would deliver what she had planned to and was going to make us understand and succeed in learning the APM PMQ as much as we could. The study group was very interesting and an eye opener on Project Management. I knew that Jay was a good mentor/teacher and a great person through other groups. Jay always tried to make it interesting for all. She managed to mix live lessons with recorded interviews with PM Professionals and those were invaluable for us to see what we were learning put in a ‘real life’ context. Jay was also very generous with all the resources she offered and tried at all time to find a varied choice of platforms for us to learn: podcasts, articles, YouTube videos, live interviews etc. To end in few words, thank you Jay. You gave us so much and made learning fun!"

The Ops Nest

Project Management Masterclass

CPD Accredited Membership Masterclass

Screenshot 2022-09-15 064744.png

Designed and recorded a CPD Accredited Project Management Video Masterclass with a production company for members of The Ops Nest. The masterclass takes participants through the 5 stages of project planning using APM knowledge and principles with a specific focus on events, drilling into tools and hacks that will make life easier for events people and offering takeaways including a template workbook covering analysis, schedules, discovery, comms and risks for optimum planning.


Lou Kiwanuka, Founder of The Ops Nest, Chair of ESSA

"Jay has an incredible talent for imparting her knowledge in a down to earth, empathic and exciting way. I find it helpful to categorise people as drains and radiators. Jay is a full on AGA when it comes to the energy she brings to the table. We have worked together on delivering online sessions and more formal online training within The Ops Nest and Jay has become part of our community as the 'go to' person for change management and project management expertise. I would fully recommend her!"

Stone Changes

My Project Mentor

Online Mentor/Mentee Matchmaking Platform 

Connecting the world of project management through mentorship. Co-created an online platform working with a developer to create an online directory of project professional mentors. Run by volunteers, mentees could look up potential mentors and match with them through the website. 

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