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Replenishing Your Well

Self-Guided Coaching Series

Ever heard "You can't fill from an empty cup!" - well it's true!


The Well Metaphor

The Well Metaphor is a foundational piece that unless you get it, everything else will crumble under weak foundations. Ready? Let's get a deep and nourished Well in place so you can go on to have the impact you want to have in your personal and professional world.

Your Challenges

1. Download your worksheet:

2. Jump into the video class on getting back to 'Ok Base Zero'

3. Review the tailored resources in the worksheet and pick two that would be most helpful to you based on where you're at.


OK Base Zero!

Whether for you it's about thriving in a new opportunity or surviving a challenging time, we have to ensure we're at least at OK Base Zero to be able to manage our needs!


Managing our needs is NOT a selfish act!


It's vital if we are to lead well, especially in periods of change and uncertainty. Human beings are hardwired to unconsciously pick up on the emotions of others in eight to 40 thousandths of a second. When you’re in a more powerful position - you tend to be more infectious! So, maintaining good cognitive control and emotional regulation is an important part of being a great leader! 

Your Challenges:

1. Download your worksheet and start working on your Needs Chart

2. Consider how you schedule these activities into your diary regularly!


Once you're feeling rejuvenated, you'll have the capacity to start working on some of the deeper stuff in the programme!


The Chimp Takeover

In this video we begin to explore why we get triggered into fear, frustration, and other emotions during big changes in our lives and amidst periods of uncertainty, and how we can remain in control and manage our stress response!

Your Challenges:

1. Create your own Circle of Control

2. Start to bring greater awareness to the stress response in your own body and start journaling on:

  • where do you feel it in your body?

  • what is the catalyst?

3. Review the worksheet on ways to Complete or Release Stress Cycle and identify two tactics you can use in moments of stress

Whats next up....

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