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Stress Management Series

Welcome to this series of moving you away from stress, overwhelm and worry and towards a place of authentic confidence.


The Stress Tree

Beth takes us through what actually happens in our bodies when we're stressed and we can use the stress tree to ground down into reality some of the thoughts, feelings or situations that are currently causing you to feel stressed, worried or overwhelmed.

Grab your worksheet, and ask yourself each of the following questions:

  1. What is worrying you or making you stressed?

  2. Can you do anything about it?

  3. Can you do anything about it now?

Excellent work! 


Overwhelm First Aid Kit

Your life’s a bit chaotic, huh?

I don’t know if you can imagine it, but just see in your mind's eye a collection of us vigorously nodding our heads in sympathy right now!

One of the problems with being successful, is you get really busy, right?!

Well, thankfully, here's your Overwhelm First aid kit by our dear friend Beth Hope, MSc Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health and Executive Confidence Coach, which will help you quickly bust that overwhelm you're feeling right now.

This is designed especially for emergency situations and this super useful toolkit will help you to get yourself out of overwhelm in a super-quick 30-minute slot per day!


  1. Grab your worksheet above!

  2. Carve out just 30-minutes of your day - first thing in the morning is best!

  3. Give yourself this moment each day to work through The Time Creator.

Great work, lovely!


Authentic Confidence

What if you had a way to step out of stress and into your authentic confidence at any moment?! Even when you're up to your eyeballs?!

Taking the time to work through your core values, fulfilment and deal-breakers can be key to enhancing your authentic confidence, making important decisions and stepping into your ideal, balanced, purposeful life.


  1. Grab your worksheet above!

  2. Consider what your three core values, fulfilment activities and deal-breakers are.

  3. Consider your ideal week and one commitment to take you one step closer towards that. 

(if you need help identifying your core values, head over to the video class in The Explorers Map Series, on 'Values as a Compass'.

You can do this! 

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