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The Explorers Map

Self-Guided Coaching Series

Feeling lost and confused about your direction?!

I've got you covered, lovely...😉


My name is Jay Stone

I'm betting you've Google'd "what should I do for my career?" or something similar, right?! Time to stop relying on Google or other people's opinions about what you "should" do and start getting clear on your direction by tapping into your own internal compass 🧭.

Using these tools, it will be like suddenly there's a gravitation pull on the trajectory that was meant for you 🚀. That is more meaningful and fulfilling for YOU, where you'll be able to make those tough decisions, combat self-doubt and overcome your fear of failure.

After completing this mini-series of nine video classes, worksheet challenges and self-coaching exercises, you will be armed with a set of tools to help you find your true North Star 🌟 to use as a navigational tool in uncertain times. 


Are you ready for this?

Through this step-by-step series, I help you to uncover your purpose, elicit your values and get clarity in your long-term vision and start to create a detailed milestone map for your next steps with the tools to keep you motivated along the way. Jump into the next video class on 'Your North Star' to get started. 

1. Your North Star

In this class, we explore the concept of your North Star and how you can stop:

  •  "should-ing" all over yourself⁣

  •  getting stuck in Compare & Despair ⁣

  •  avoid Imposter Shame Shitstorming!!⁣​

Get ready to have your mind BLOWN! 🤯​

2. Values as a Compass

Today, I'm sharing a tool that my coachees continue to rave about years after working with me!⁣ Understanding their values is just one of the activities we do that completely shifted their life and aligned them with their North Star!⁣ We'll explore your life values and how you can use your values as a decision-making strategy in uncertain times.

3. The Superwoman Trap

Discovering the mindset principles to tap into a deeper level of motivation and avoid the superwoman trap. Let's retire superwoman and instead use a method to work towards our goals that is powerful, practical and SUSTAINABLE. Excellent, lets get going again in the next video of exploring your purpose.

4. Framing Your Purpose

What if you imagined that your whole life has been an unfurling story, what would be the patterns and themes you would see unravelling before you that would inform you of your purpose in this next chapter?

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5. Crafting Your Vision

Listen up, I have something very important to tell you...

Your potential reaches so much further than what any boss, any personality test, any one person can even fathom – and that’s what we want to unlock.

We're at the half-way point!

Let me just say...I am SO proud of you and your Explorer attitude throughout this series so far! I am so excited that you're here because as YOU begin to uncover your North Star, it's like every decision becomes instantly easier to make.⁣ Because you've designed your own set of criteria that you're using without⁣ "should-ing" all over yourself⁣, getting stuck in Compare & Despair or Imposter Shame Shitstorming!!⁣ If you continue to follow these strategies, you will set yourself up on the path to push past the limits of what's possible in your life!

6. Wheel of Life!

I truly believe you can do anything, but you can’t do everything, right now. When you learn how to focus your energy on the most important things at one time, amazing things happen. 

7. Stepping Stones

If we think about goals and actions in a way that is too far in the future or too big to comprehend, we can become overwhelmed and quickly detach from them. Let's start breaking down our goals into manageable chunks.

8. Words Matter

Language creates meaning and the words we use will impact the way we feel about it.

9. Massive Motivation

Most people miss this important step in crafting their milestones, so they lose motivation when things get tough.


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