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Articles & Appearances

Agents of Change

Ending the speeches, Jay said, “I truly believe in the power of bringing local women together to support one another to lead positive social change in their communities, because it’s these types of projects that would have made all the difference for me growing up.”

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Association of Project Management Blog

Jay Stone explains that the project profession is not for the faint of heart. Our roles often involve significant individual responsibility. The buck stops with us when it comes to decision-making, and we spend all day supporting... 

Unlocking the Opportunity

Jay Stone features as part of a series of inspirational stories taken from over 150 diverse interviews with women from around the world sharing their insights about what it means to be a woman working as a project manager. The stories were taken from submissions for the 2020 Celebrating Women in Project Management event.

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Life in...Bromley Magazine

Jay Stone runs local event for mums wanting to develop their careers: Did you know that 98% of mothers want to work but 32% drop off at managerial level? 11% leave the workforce entirely. It can feel impossible trying to develop your career and care for your children. You know your potential but you feel confused, overwhelmed and disillusioned. This is for you! 


CPD Project Management


Hosted a CPD accredited masterclass on 5 key areas of Project Management.

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AoC Women's Community

Leadership Programme

Commissioned by Imperial College London and H&F Council, co-created the Agents of Change Leadership Programme

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