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Jay is a certified Corporate & Executive Coach, Team Development Facilitator, Change Management Practitioner and Project Professional with a talent for energising others through change and facilitating conditions where people flourish.

Check out her services below and REACH OUT.

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121 Career Coaching/
Succession Planning


Providing 121 Coaching and impactful group experiences to equip women with a toolkit to thrive in their careers. Supporting organisations to develop succession plans to develop female talent into leadership.


Workshop Facilitation/Speaker

£ Varies

Experienced virtual and in-person facilitator and speaker, delivering talks, workshops, and training programmes on topics around change, career strategy, team development and leadership.

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Change Facilitator/Contractor

£550 Day Rate

Supporting organisations in guiding their people through an ever-changing business environment, helping to deliver enterprise-wide change programmes to scale sustainably and at speed.


Companies, Membership Organisations & Events Jay has worked with.
NHS Zoomed Out
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